Wiz Khalifa



Wiz Khalifa goes with an unaccustomed sensual and rather dark approach for the visual coinciding with his The Weeknd-featured track, “Remember You.” The clip sees two young females, seemingly attracted to one another, with one taking the other to a somewhat unusual and troublesome nighttime party. The Taylor Gang rapper is also featured in the footage as you can see it for yourself above. “Remember You” will appear on Khalifa’s forthcoming O.N.I.F.C. album.



“Comfort is a blissful blend of dreamy and ethereal fluttering sounds sprinkled with glitchy effects, quirky drums, and beautiful vocal samples. This is definitely some of the flyest damn music around. Listening to the album is akin to dancing on a cloud while drinking the magic fermented nectar of wood sprites.”

Depois de uma descrição como essa só nos resta o deleite!


Catalano EP

Very excited to share the third release on DISCOVERY Recordings from JKriv and myself. The tracks capture the developing mood of a party – from the early night grooves to peak hour proper house (our take on peak at least).

500 copies, hand stamped, vinyl only – available October 8 from stores that know wassup.


Moving Mountains EP

The Moving Mountains EP is the first new material the world has heard from New York producer Michna in nearly four years, since the release of his highly-acclaimed debut album Magic Monday in 2008. It’s been quite a while between releases, but Michna’s been anything but idle during this period – he’s done everything from painting to production for the NBA to remixes for DM Stith, Joy Orbison and Kelis. And all the while, he’s been working on new material, taking his time to record a follow-up to Magic Monday that represents another great leap forward in terms of both songwriting and production.


Vital and Hubb

Mais um debute do TimbrÊra, preenchendo a lacuna, o buraco no dente, o cisco no olho, a quina da mesa…

Falando de menos e timbrando demais…

“Original mix written and produced by Jeffrey Evan and hubb.
“Inquiri Lifted Mix” produced by Lacey IQ


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